Sunday, 14 February 2016

Spring Data MongoDB Integration

A brief on MongoDB:
  • MongoDB is a cross-platform, document oriented database, and leading NoSQL database. 
  • It provides, high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. It works on concept of collection and document.
Few terminologies of MongoDB related to RDBMS :
  • Database -- Database
  • Collection -- Table
  • Document -- Record
  • Column -- Field
For more on MongoDB, please visit : MongoDB Tutorials

A simple example with MongoDB :
     Get the source here
  • Installation guide : Install MongoDB 
  • Libraries : include mongo-java-driver-2.11.0.jar into class path
  • create database as "booksDB"
  • create collection as "books"
Output : 
Spring Data Integration with MongoDB:

Here we will see an example using MongoTemplate (same as JdbcTemplate) and Repository.

Defining document class like entity class.
Defining annoation based Spring configuration class
Note : Add @EnableMongoRepositories to enable all repositories defined

Defining repogitory for Book entity
Defining test class (main class). This class can be the service class in the real time application.
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